[Amps] HV switch-mode power supply

Missouri Guy n0tt1 at juno.com
Wed May 20 21:13:47 PDT 2009

> The core material is typo'd in the article schematic and I can't 
> make it 
> out. Any body know what the actual material was?

Larry, the best that I could figure is Magnetics core number 
ZJ-44920-TC  available from this company:  www.mtldistribution.com
Send them an email to get a quote.  They were in the $8.40 price
range at the time.  They do have a $25 minimum order.

> Seems like a large diameter toroid with 
> conventional windings would do just fine and be easier to 
> construct.

I think W9QQ did just that with his "commercial" kit.
> Seems like it would be a good idea to make smaller "stackable" 
> supplies. 

I think so too....much easier to build I would think....that after
much thought RE the stack of cores I built.

> Is there a good reference for design of this type of switcher 
> someplace. 
> Preferably on-line. 

This SM HV PS thing is going to really take off pretty soon.  I
spoke with a commercial maker of KW amps at Dayton...sed a 300khz
SM supply for their amp is in the works.  ("Don't ask/Don't tell"
any more than that.)

> I have all sorts of design aids for tiny little 
> computer type supplies but nothing here for BIG stuff.

W5JGV has a web site that shares his efforts with
a HV SM supply.   Click on "Amateur Radio", then go down
to "Project Pages".  Good info there!
Charlie, N0TT

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