[Amps] Comparison of PCB-mount RF relays

Jim Thomson jim.thom at telus.net
Sat Aug 7 07:21:17 PDT 2010

Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2010 18:33:36 -0400
From: 4CX250B <4cx250b at muohio.edu>
Subject: [Amps] Comparison of PCB-mount RF relays

As mentioned in an earlier post, the RTB14012F is also available in a 16 Amp version, and I also investigated that relay. Internally it is exactly the same construction as the 12Amp relay, but it has two pins connected to each contact strap, rather than just one pin. Despite this seeming advantage, I can't really recommend the 16 Amp version. Its PCB pin configuration is much more crowded than for the 12 Amp relay, which means one can't use wide PCB traces with it. Also, because of the more closely spaced pins, the 16 Amp version would likely have lower voltage insulation than the 12 Amp relay, which could potentially cause arcing problems when using it with mismatched loads.
Jim W8ZR

##  This 16 Amp version is interesting.  The contacts are the same. The only difference is the  connections to the contacts. 
Another method to increase power handling capability is to use a DPDT  relay, and simply parallel all the contacts.  This
won't do anything for the peak V rating, but it will double the RF current rating...which will quadruple the power rating. 

##  I have seen DPDT pc board mount relays..and also 3PDT pc board mount relay's.... but they were not enclosed as 
this RTB14012F is.  Since the RTB140012F is a sealed unit,  you can't get at the contacts easily, if they required cleaning, but
you are probably better off with a sealed unit, then less chance of dirt/dust etc, getting in there.   

## a 3PDT pc mount relay, with all contacts in parallel, will handle globs of power,  but again, the paralleled contacts will buy you
nothing for peak V... only current.     The coils could be sped up with an over voltage, if someone wanted to use the relay for
a T/R application.  They may be plenty fast enough as is.  My experience with sped up mech relays is, you can usually
cut the operate time in 1/2.    It might still not be fast enough for qsk cw... but makes for faster/cleaner vox cw/ssb. 

##  that control box that W8ZR has cooked up is very impressive. 

later... Jim   VE7RF 

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