[Amps] Using automatic tuner for Amp input

Fuqua, Bill L wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
Sat Aug 28 11:15:30 PDT 2010

You can make it work as long as you shunt the input of the amplifier with a capacitor with a reactance of 1/4 or less of the input impedance. This will provide the charge storage needed to smooth out the sinusoidal wave from and the antenna tuner will still match the impedance. I prefer a Q of 10 or better myself but if you chose 1/4 for 80 meters you will have a Q of 4 on 80 meters and on 10 meters it will be 32 with out switching capacitors.  

Bill wa4lav

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What do people think of the amplifier by Bill W4NFR shown in the latest QEX?  It
uses an LDG tuner on the amplifier input instead of a set of filter/matching
networks for each band.  It seems like an innovative design.

jeff, wa1hco
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