[Amps] Band switch. a bad news

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About this band switch, I just contact with some parts manufacturer, a bad news, the cos t of dies markup 40%  than 2 years  ago  I order that model 86's ! All over world  deflation, but besides here! 
  I'm not sure exact delivery  date, But I  think should be before end of Feb 2011.
The new band switch is smaller than model 86 but with ALL model 86's  Specifications( even higher current rating, I add a "contact  unguis") beside size. Its size similar Model 80( not exact), So we can use it  from AL-811 to DX-4.
  And all  brass and beryllium copper parts are replaceable( fix using bolt/nut, not rivet), that means when the flash over is happen, you neen't replace whole switch!
    That only still in the blue schematic, but I can send some band switch's pictures what existing based on model 86.
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> Hello every one,
> I'll begin our next project, 1kW 3X4CX250 amplifier.I'll  make some band switchs base on the Model 80 again,( our existing new 2000W amplifier band switch is  based on model 86).But duo to few quantity,I would like to share the switch with some people  to proportion the expensive cost of punch and ceramic parts dies and to content the manufacturer's MOQ request.About the switch,it base on the Muti-tech Model 80,argentum contactor but with fiberglass shaft( maybe higher break down voltage),If you interested in it,please contact with me
> off line.  You need  to tell me about your band switch's detail,a sample is the best. BTW, I only supply 30 degrees of indexing.
> Finally, the price will no over 30% to 70% multi-tech's( less $100, if the desks no over 3) depend on your quantity( MOQ is 1!).
>  About the switch, it still in blue diagram.But we existing band switch ( based on model 86, use in our new FU-728F 2000W amplifier) was sold  for about 15 months, without one was returned.
> we have enough experience in it.I can supply the very beautiful picture about existing band switch!
>  I think I can supply some old and new amplifier's band switch, fo example, TL-922, SB-200 ,SB220,etc.It should be  rugged/better than origional weak  design. 
> If your order are fixed, the earnest money( 30% the band switch value)should pay me or a trusty guy in this reflector,It will ship after two months or later,depoend on the quantity.
> But I do not want make too much!I have no too much time!
>    73!Hsu

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