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Thanks  who respond my topic, especially  Alek, Thanks for your trust!My dear old friend.
About the shipping cost,It is incorrect. I do not know the situation in Singapore.
 But  China Post is a monopolizer of China postal  in first firsl class( or surface mail and SAL)  market.Althoug is is very inexpensive in China lacal , but  the ship parcel to oversea, the cost near American!You can connect China Post' web site, and calculate the shipping cost!Not all Chinese products are  inexpensive. Yearsterday I had purchase 1000g Aeerican grape, I pay $24!
 2000g Chinese  apple, $8. I pay the  $250 /month for food.I have a rooming house,It worth $100000 now( if it in Beijing or Shanghai, It worth $1000000!), actually ,$ 100000 can purchase a big 
house  in countryside in most of countrys! But It is only cheapness house in China!A country what  GDP only $4000/every person! I'm not a prole, but not wealthy.But you can image a prole how hard to live in China!
 Some day, If you open a TV set in the mornig, a  revolution outburst, you don't surprise!

    Sorry Off topic.About the shipping cost, you can calculate as this(US$) :19+(weight-1)x11 . weight in kilogram.Air mail via China Post(EMS), door to door, I'm a VIP customer of China Post!they give me very large discount.
  About the band switch, It STILL on the blueprint.Without prototype  now!there are some pictures about a our existing  band switch what using our 2000W amplifier now:http://www.zmdz.com/bbs/incomefiles/201012/109115756432.JPG ,http://www.zmdz.com/bbs/incomefiles/201012/109115021056.JPG ,   http://www.zmdz.com/bbs/incomefiles/201012/10912585786.JPG and http://www.zmdz.com/bbs/incomefiles/201012/109121315654.JPG. This band switch just show our ability, It based on the Model 86 .NOT for sale.
 About my thought  on the new band switch: it   should  be smaller than our exiting's. Similar size with the model 80, but same breakdown voltage and even higher current rating.
 I want to do as below: the deck's configation similar with  this : http://www.zmdz.com/bbs/incomefiles/201012/118274892001.JPG, so we can use smaller desk than model 86's.The ceramic rotor's size same as modle 86's
 But I add a contactor like this http://www.zmdz.com/bbs/incomefiles/201012/118281122754.JPG, I think it will increase the current rating.another thought is we will pass the metal shaft on,use fiber-glass/ shaft,
a hexagon shaft and the ceramic rotor will not with metal-fixer, the rotor will fix on the fiber glass shaft direct use epoxy glue.All metal parts are  replaceable,easy to repair. 
 Any good suggestion??
  About the price:This project for our next smaller amplifier, the existing's( based on the model 86)  too big, this is the reason  what I develop it.I only want to proportion the expensive development cost with guys.Your return is get a inexpensive band switch.All switch will 
 The price will at $120( three desks) in so small quantity( certainly, If you order 100000 Pieces, the quoth only $20!:-D),  if you pay me first, you only pay me $100 .I don't mind when you pay, whether how many people order it,even nobldy order it, I'll  continue the work for our next 1000W amplifier project!  I'll show the prototype  in middle  of Jan 2011 or later if all OK,The bandswitch will delery in the end of Jan.A big 
Problem , 2 Feb. is  Chinese new year, allmost  without people on business  for about one month. I hope we can finsh all work in end of January.

Finally,   About the payment , The Western Union is the best,or bank transfer. I have no Paypal, Last time I return the money to a guy , it take allmost a month!


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I sense, without facts, that shipping costs are a lot cheaper from Singapore or China than from the USA.  I receive air mail free postage paid packages from Meritline.com for items costing less than $1.
"Those Island days are always on my mind,
Someday soon I leave it all behind"
It's only a couple days away by air freight ... Apple seems to have mastered the process for iPads.
Still, there's the logistics of it all, and it would be easier for Western Hemisphere hams (and others) to order from Texas instead of China.  Just being in approximately the same time zone makes a huge difference.
Not sure if could ship one to Cuba, though ... but $120 is a year's pay there, so it probably wouldn't ever come up.

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