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As far I know all Henry amps made use of roller inductors


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Hsu, those multi deck band switches bring hot RF carrying wires from the
hi-power tank circuits, close together which is not desirable... Yes, I
understand that it has been done that way from the early days of ham radio,
but it is still a poor way electrically...

As far as the switch you show, from the pictures it looks like it is well
made from quality materials..

Let me make a suggestion that you take a look at how Henry Radio handled the
RF switching on the tank circuit on their remote tune 3/4/5/8 K series of
amps...  The band switch for the tank coils would be a single pole, 6
position switch, that pulls in relays elsewhere in the tank (grid)
compartment...Henry hand made their own high current (and high voltage
bypass on the plate supply RF choke) relays using linear pull, AC solenoids
and adding the RF contacts onto the solenoid rod...

denny / k8do

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