[Amps] Fan for SB220

donroden at hiwaay.net donroden at hiwaay.net
Sat Dec 18 23:45:41 PST 2010

The Britts were very particular about their afternoon tea.
A highly polished ( on the outside ) tea pot retained the internal  
water/tea heat longer than a tea pot that was dull or painted black.


Quoting Carl <km1h at jeremy.mv.com>:

> Well, polished and finned aluminum heads on a flathead Ford V-8 both look
> nice and work well and Ive had them on several of my rides over the past 50+
> years. With a large overbore, increaser compression, and a decent cam those
> engines tend to run hot.
> I'll defer to the pros at the amp companies and the military who use nice
> shiny aluminum on the inside.
> Carl
> KM1H

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