[Amps] Fan for SB220

Adrian vk4tux at bigpond.com
Sat Dec 18 22:05:28 PST 2010

Ok a black body absorbs infra red radiation very well, but how does it 
radiate it?
For it to radiate infra red radiation then it becomes red with rise in 
temperature and is no longer black.

The reason black gives off heat so well is due to the immediate 
convection cooling with air contact and its higher surface temperature 
than other colours.

The problem with your theory is that convection heat transfer has been 
misrepresented as radiated heat transfer.

To demonstrate my point please make a black heat radiator that stays 
black, that I can feel the (radiated) heat from several feet away. use 
whatever energy source you like, but it must stay black
at the heat source. ( No fan or air movement involved > convection).

Adrian ... vk4tux

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