[Amps] Henry 5K... now that's

Charles Harpole k4vud at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 24 19:06:12 PST 2010

A 5K.... now that is what I am talking about !  I operated as a guest at a Texas killowatt station a few years ago (station now disassembled) and the home built amp had only one problem... the PL259 and socket were too weak to handle the output.   That night, I saw little sparkling drops of melted metal coming down from the yagi.   


Ah, then you know another level of ham QRO !!!

Charles Harpole k4vud at hotmail.com 



> From: n4jbk at bellsouth.net
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> Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 21:48:40 -0500
> Subject: [Amps] Henry 5K
> Are there any known issues with the Henry 5K with the 3cx1200's?
> What kind of output power should I expect out of it?
> Is there enough of a difference between the1200's and the 8877's to warrant waiting to find one of those?
> Thank You,
> Joe N4JBK
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