[Amps] Alpha 374A add a 3d 3CX-800?

chas chasm at texas.net
Wed Aug 17 00:26:22 PDT 2011

Have purchased a 374A which is NOT at my QTH or even in this area of the
state but...  it has been converted to a pair of 3CX-800s along with a mess
of other mods. Done about 3 yrs ago.

The owner cannot handle the fan noise and is going to buy an ACOM 1000
instead.  I have known him for about 60 yrs and we are attached at the hip so
I feel that this is just another example of stuff we swap back and forth and
eventually, forget to whom it belongs at any time.  Point to that is, he has
gone thru it with a Cobra Sr and the common MARS matrix for this state and
has tuned for best power production.  It does talk but it seems to me that
the PA needs to have a txfrmr upgraded and maybe add a another bottle to it.
 it did not have a vacuum relay mod done since it will be a SSB only in usage.

Not sure if this was a 3 holer to begin with or not.  However, I am wondering
what it would gain me, if it could even be done - to add a 3d Cx800?   The
weakest tuning freq so far is around 5.2mcy which can only crank out ca 800W.
 The rest of the thing will do 1.2 to 2kw as I understand it.  I am asking
the owner to write down the list of mods done by RL in Abilene and to send
that along with the amp.

 isfaiK, it has a low power mod, the txfrmr is not a new Hypersil and I am
wondering if it could be upgraded to a PDahl model made for a 7n series??

I probably have not given enough info to make an informed decision or to
generate worthwhile advice but maybe I can get some questions to provide
answers to when I get the PA here.

thanks es 73

Chas  k5dam

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