[Amps] Ferrite toroids

Carl km1h at jeremy.mv.com
Sat Aug 27 05:19:36 PDT 2011

Now THAT is some good info Ian, thanks.

Ive used several unknown cores of hi mu on various noise generators around 
the house. They appear to work as well pound for pound as Fair-Rite of 
similar values.


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> Carl wrote:
>>Ive yet to find an unknown ferrite that cant be tested with simple
>>methods to get a ballpark indication. Then its a simple matter of
>>reading the various catalogs to ID with a reasonable certainty.
> A very good resource for IDing toroid cores (and many other useful
> functions) is DL5SWB's 'Mini Ring Core Calculator':
> <http://www.dl5swb.de/html/mini_ring_core_calculator.htm>
> This program has data on toroid cores from all identifiable makers,
> including dimensions and color coding which are usually the best
> parameters to check first.
> However, even that program cannot help with OEM cores from unknown
> manufacturers that never appeared in any catalog.
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