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DAVE WHITE mausoptik at btinternet.com
Tue Oct 18 09:04:18 PDT 2011

I look forward to seeing some more photos of your magnificent workmanship, 


Dave G0OIL

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> I would like to thank you all for the helpful replies and emails
> regarding using anodised aluminum in amplfier boxes...
> The consensus is that it is quite ok to use provided bolts and rivets
> bond clean aluminum surfaces...
> The material I obtained (free) is 2mm thick and heavily anodised on both
> sides..The anodising is nearly like a ceramic coating and virtually
> scratch proof....I am going to make a 6 meter GS-35B amplifier using
> this material for the case...It has a really nice satin grey finish..I
> have just made up a special tool to remove the anodising from all the
> drill holes exposing the bare aluminum...
> I must tell you, the VHF/SHF fraternity here told me that anodised
> aluminum is a big NO for rf work...It takes me three days to manufacture
> amplifier cases in my workshop so I look forward to the outcome...
> 73...Bob..VK3ZL..
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