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Carel, what is your primary voltage there? Do you have three phase primary  
Gerald K5GW
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I have two identical 3 phase  high voltage  transformer (each around 4KVA /
50 kg/ 100 pounds). Issue is they are  designed for US 3 phase voltages. (so
120 / 204V) so can't use them in  Europe as is. What I would like to do is 
put the 2 units  at the  primary side in serie and at the secondary side in
parallel. Primary and  secondary in wye config.  

Q: Would there be any benefit of  connecting the secondary windings of the
two transformers first parallel  and than rectify (with only one rectifier
bridge) or the other way around ?  For me it is much easier to first rectify
both transformers and than put  the rectified voltage parallel (only one
highvoltage interconnect   between both the big/heavy  transformer boxes.). 

I have seen some  constellations with two 3 phase transformer to gain some
benefit in  creating additional phases in order to reduce the ripple voltage
even more.  Don't know if I could utilize such a thing as well ? However,  
I  recall they were placed in parallel at the input. 

Thanks for any  idea's . Gl,  Carel

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