[Amps] GS35 PA 144MHz - for sale - 450EU

dirk reyners dirk.reyners at telenet.be
Fri Sep 2 05:34:15 PDT 2011

I'm selling my unfinished GS35 PA for 144MHz

Welded alu cavity, all finished, original G3SEK board, HV power supply, HV
connectors, built-in blower, heater transformer, spare GS35 tube, housing on

For a handy PA-freak it's about a day to finish it as it only needs wiring
to finish. I bought a SSPA so no more need to finish this project.


Last final price 450 euro's, it's a bargain! Only to buy all the components
at ham markets costed me more than double!


Call 0032/487 789 473

Or email me


I'm in N-E Belgium


ON5GS Dirk


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