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> I received a  76A about 6 months ago, as a gift from a OOM who I helped a 
> lot when he was active.  A 3 holer, that had been stored for some time, I 
> "gettered" it, slowly, bringing it back to life, without incident.  On ALL 
> amps I have run, I am hyper aware and observant of grid current, in the 
> interest of long life, and note that Bob Wolbert has published a grid 
> overcurrent trip circuit for the Alpha, that might be wise to install. 
> While getting used to normal tuning dynamics of my New/old stock Alpha, I 
> was startled somewhat at the grid current dynamics.  At how quickly  the 
> Ig goes from very low values to very high values with small adjustments of 
> input power, and tune and load controls, even with a good amount of 
> loading.  Perhaps this is "normal" for a 3 holer '76A but maybe it is 
> saying something about one or more tubes.   Other than that Ig 
> sensitivity, the Alpha  is  the "AC Cobra  427 " of amps, IMHO.  and with 
> winter coming up, if I operate QRO with it, I will not
> heed a shack heater, or a fire to cook marshmallows.
> Best Regards,
> Pat Barthelow  AA6EG

Well thats a  good analogy but like any fast revving high winder when they 
come apart it aint purty. I wouldnt put it anywhere near the 427 Cobra but 
more like a finely tuned Boss 302 or Camaro first generation Z/28; a lot of 
fire in a small package.

Now if you want a 427 performance get an LK-800A or C with the 3CPX800A7's 
and the 3000V PS upgrade.

That amp can do nasty things to a 5KW slug with 120-150W of drive.


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>> On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 11:20:33AM -0700, ROBERT HARMON wrote:
>> > Charles,
>> >
>> >
>> > I agree 100%. The Alpha 76PAC is one of the best amps ever made, a real
>> > workhorse. Like a Timex watch, "takes a licking and keeps on ticking" ,
>> > with one caveat, as you indicated, watch the grid current.
>> > I run mine hard all the time (and keep a watchful eye on the grid
>> > current)
>> > Remember the "brick on the key" advertisements for these amps ? My
>> > favorite is the ad used in 1981 which shows the usual heading of " Key
>> > Down, How Long ?" and instead of the normally used brick on the key 
>> > there
>> > is a skeleton sitting there with his hand on the key. Now thats a good
>> > amp ! hihihi
>>  Erm ... As long as he's not wearing a nametag that reads "Ross Hull".
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