[Amps] RF in the Audio

Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Fri Sep 23 18:50:23 PDT 2011

On 9/23/2011 6:03 PM, Rob Atkinson wrote:
> You don't wind your balanced feed on a torroid for crying out loud, a
> method I find preposterous, and probably subject to heating and loss;

You may not have heard about the concept, but it works quite well. DX 
Engineering has done similar things, but don't publish it.  I've done 
considerable work on the topic, and published both the theoretical basis 
and the measured data. Since I've done that in the tutorial, and because 
this reflector is about power amps, I won't repeat the discussion. If 
you open up some of their boxes you can see what they're doing.

73, Jim Brown K9YC

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