[Amps] RF in the Audio

dalej dj2001x at comcast.net
Sun Sep 25 13:01:20 PDT 2011

I don't disagree with using the Johnson Matchbox, or using a coax fed dipole.  I also have one of those KW matchboxes (it's not for sale) and in past years used coax fed dipoles, but they/it does not tune the frequencies I need to tune, MARS 4.5 Mhz, 3.3 Mhz etc.  I know I can cut feedline or lengthen it, I've already wasted a bunch of feedline and time doing just that.  The Palstar BT1500 tunes the frequencies I need to tune and better after I added the choke balun.  The balun I installed at the recommendation of Paul at Palstar did work.  Regardless if it's proper or not makes no difference to me, it worked  and that's ALL that matters. 

BTW, I don't have acres of property to experiment with various wire antennas and dedicated dipoles either. 

Dale, K9VUJ

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