[Amps] ALPHA9500 PC Remote

David Jordan wa3gin at comcast.net
Sun Feb 5 15:39:25 PST 2012

OMG,  gues the DELL 2650 Quad doesn't have enough HP to run the 9500 dash board.  I got the download to work using the WEB site.

The manual states one can download files for COM, etc. but those files don't seem to be available on the WEB site. Maybe they got dropped after the WEB redo.  

The dash board is a big disappoint.  It jitters, it blows up if you try to change the size of the display.  Its a CPU hog grabbing 17% at idle. But most disappointing is the fact that I can't use it for Internet Remote... the botton and display are not capturable by LOGMEIN or VNC ;-/  

The 9500 BOX is great but the dashboard sucks.  I want my 87A back... that dashboard was rock solid!


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