[Amps] Zener Screen Regulators

Jim Hargrave w5ifp at gvtc.com
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Since the two schools could not agree, they invented AC.
Everybody's theory can be satisfied half the time.

    73s de Jim

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  >    Al AB2ZY Kozakiewicz wrote:
  > > By definition, current flow is the flow of charges.  The fact 
  > that negative charges are embodied by a particle (an electron) 
  > is interesting, but irrelevant.
  > > Negative charges flow in one direction; positive in another.  
  > The use of the direction of positive charges as the direction 
  > of positive current flow is entirely arbitrary.  But it is the 
  > convention and is every bit as valid as the inverse.
  >    I was taught that electricity is the flow if electrons in 
  > one direction, I think charges exist 
  > and change but I never head of charges "flowing" and holes flow 
  > in the other direction.
  >    Conventional current flow {reverse of electron flow} (used 
  > by Heath ?, GE, colleges) was a from 
  > pre-electronics battery charging times.  The operation of the 
  > CRT disproves conventional current 
  > flow if nothing leading up to it does.  Why many college 
  > professors STILL teach conventional current 
  > flow has mystified me for over 50 years.
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