[Amps] Storage of 813 bases amplifier

Carl km1h at jeremy.mv.com
Wed Jan 2 21:50:10 EST 2013

If the tubes have air leaks they are good for display only.
If it is outgassing from the anode then runing them with some color a few 
times a year will regetter them.

The graphite plate versions seem to be better long term than the sheet metal 


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I have a home brew amp that uses 2 813 tubes in parallel in a grounded grid 
circuit. Do to my recent move to a condo I have to store the amp for a few 
years. What if anything can I do to keep the tubes in good condition. When I 
built the amp I had 12 813's but 8 of them were gassy or had other issues. 
So now I have the set in the amp and a spare set. I am storing the amp 
inside a climate controlled closet. Will it help to run the heaters on the 
tubes for say 24 hours every 6 mo or so? What else do you recommend if 

73, Jeremy N0NZG
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