[Amps] Mounting Plate for a 3CX3000A7

Gary Smith Gary at ka1j.com
Thu Jan 3 17:58:37 EST 2013

I was 95% finished with a 3CX3000A7 amp when I met up with the big D 
and I had to unload most all of my ham equipment in the fallout. What 
I did for a chimney for it though was pretty much ideal and it was 

I found (In Walmarts I think it was) a replacement glass chimney for 
a mantle gas lantern. I picked one out that was as close to the anode 
size that I could find. I mounted the tube in the RF deck and taped 
the chimney securely to the deck so it fit equidistant from the 
anode. I had earlier run some olive oil on the anode where the top of 
the chimney rested.

I then used the red, high temperature silicone caulk to make a seal 
between the glass and the anode. I smoothed out the top side by 
running my finger around the caulk and then letting it cure for 24 
hours. The caulk did attach firmly to the glass but didn't attach to 
the anode because of the olive oil & the olive oil came off 
everything with soap and water. It made an air tight seal and looked 
like it was an OEM product.


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