[Amps] Need repair of Alpha 374A and BNC RF input back panel connector.

chas chasm at texas.net
Sat Jan 5 00:29:06 EST 2013

On 8/13/11 8:04 AM, kingwood wrote:
> The 76, 78, and 374 have the same bands.  They were produced before the
> WARC Bands were available, so none of them have a band switch position for 
> any of the WARC bands.  I have never had any problem working on any of
> the WARC bands with Alpha amps.
> 73 de Lon, K5JV
> Lon W. Cottingham
> 1110 Golden Bear Ln. Kingwood, TX 77339
> 281-358-4207 281-795-1335 Cell

I need a source for some help please.

My Alpha 374A  has a loose BNC connector on the back panel  (RF Input)  and
I need someone here in Houston who could repair or replace this connector.

Can anyone suggest someone who could repair this BNC?  Lord knows that this
50# machine needs to be carried out of the bedroom.  I do not know whether
this repair could be done or does it need to be moved to a bench and
disassembled.  I am not really sure how much I would have to pull the back
plane off the 374A ,  Honestly, I dread not only carrying this boat anchor
off the bed  and where to find the part, etc.

I know that Lon has done this in the past but I respect his decision to
retire from such work.  However, in his absence, he has left a great vacancy
in the local HV repair scene.

Again, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Regards to all, Chas Hamilton...
k5dam Spring Branch, Texas

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