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Have you tried Palstar, it is much shorter?


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Hi all,

I continue to have problems with limited space for an Ameritron RFC in my 
Alpha 76. It arcs to the old style long capacitor.

Working on an old HT-41 I noticed it has a smaller diameter multi-pi layer 
RFC with sort of twisted wiring in the layers. I haven't measured it yet but 
I assume it would'nt have much self resonance in the ham or WARC bands. It 
appears to be more than the 190uh or so I might need for the Alpha. The 
HT-41 was rated at about 500ma max plate current.

Considering swapping the RFC's but worried about the current, any comments?

Also, the Alpha is a 3 holer and could draw as much as 1200 ma. I can rewind 
a burned Ameritron choke and get the self resonances further away from 
operating points. Question is what is the minimum size wire I should use in 
the choke. I know it isn't the DC current listed in wire tables, but have no 
idea how small I can go.


Rick, N6PE
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