[Amps] Henry 3002 help

Donald Fox taurusshoguy at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 20:48:14 EST 2013

I cannot recall if I had sought advice regarding this very nice high power 8877 VHF console, so here goes.

I picked it up some time ago as a project because the price and condition were excellent. Interestingly, it was set up by Henry as a paging amplifier on 151.995.
My research has indicated that the output section appears to be the same as the 144 mhz version. I have seen 900 watts out with 35 watts input on 146 mhz. Although the input SWR seems to be good also, I would like to verify proper input/output resonsance with an SWR analyzer fed into the RF deck with out voltage applied of course.

Since it was set up as a paging amp outside of the 2 meter band, there was no low pass output filter to be had with it. I have the schematic for that along with pics when the time comes.

Any advice to guide me on insuring proper input/output resonance would be appreciated.
Offlist replies are welcome also.

                                Don   N8ECH

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