[Amps] Henry 3002 help

Donald Fox taurusshoguy at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 31 13:39:52 EST 2013

Carl and Colin:

I have done some checking by comparing the measurements of the two output plate lines against measurements from a fellow 3002 owner. The result was that they appear to be identical.

As you might imagine, the output plate line is all silver plated and very "elegant" looking as the Henry advertisement used to say.
The output tune/load caps are plates with teflon sandwiched between them and the tube plate assembly.

I viewing the input circuit, it consists of two small coils of varnished wire and a small bread slicer cap.

If you guys saw this thing, I think you would agree that it was extremely well cared for considering the use was commercial and not Amateur.

If you recall, the blower was one item that needed attention when I got it so the motor has been replaced. I did post my parts/info on that here so others with Henry consoles might make future use of it.

I will do some further testing and report back with my collected data.
Thanks to the collective wisdom here for any and all future help.

                    Don    N8ECH

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