[Amps] For sale: 8877 Robust HF Amplifier or parts

David J. Schmocker kj9idave at charter.net
Sat May 4 09:51:40 EDT 2013

For sale:
(Now thru Dayton 2013): Single 8877 HF all-band (except 12m) amplifier

Large robust bullet-proof floor-standing power supply 4000VDC at 1.5A
Peter Dahl transformers, swinging choke, 2 x 53uF oil-filled Peter Dahl
filter caps.  (much more detail available on request)
Soft-start, and 3 minute timer for 8877 tube.  24VDC Supply for relays and
lamps, etc.  K2AW silicon alley HV rectifier modules (full-wave bridge)
and full schematic diagram and bill of materials supplied with unit.

RF deck also over-built with large vacuum variables and roller inductor.
Also tuned input PC board with dedicated Pi networks selected per band and
a tuned input bypass switch should you want that.

Single 8877 Eimac tube, vacuum T/R relay, photos of all available to
serious inquiries please.

$2,000 great value for power supply, amplifier and Eimac 8877 tube plus
you ship or pick up southern WI (can deliver to Dayton 2013).

If not sold by Dayton 2013, then amplifier will be parted out and I will
sell all component parts.

So if you are a builder, and prefer to build your own, parts may be
available if amp doesn't sell by Dayton.

KJ9I David J. Schmocker
262 593-8928 home tel or email me off list.

Thank you


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