[Amps] Recommended Tuner for Clipperton L

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Sun Feb 2 16:51:51 EST 2014


	That's why I'm looking only at non-roller/rotary inductor
tuners - to remove the mechanical movement variable and the concern
about an under-rated device in an affordable tuner.

	Don't both the Dentron MT-2000 and MT-3000 tuners use only
tapped coils?


> If the antenna in highly reactive (inductive) and the SWR is high the
>  voltage goes high. Neither the MFJs or Dentrons had a high enough
> voltage rating for much over what I'd get when the 160 antenna was
> resonant near the DX window and I'd go to the top of the band.
> Moving the resonant point to the middle, or upper end of the band
> would eliminate the arcing at 1 KW, but then I had concerns about the
> small wire on the rotary inductor when operating at the bottom end of
> the band.
> They really needed a higher voltage rating on a larger cap and a
> larger size wire on the rotary inductor for current on low
> impedances.
> 73
> Roger (K8RI)


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