[Amps] Vacuum relay needed

peter chadwick g8on at fsmail.net
Mon Feb 3 01:58:56 EST 2014


MAX-GAIN systems has them in stock, although you may not like the price.


I have dealt with them and was very pleased with the service, and I believe they have a good reputation. But YMMV.


Peter G3RZP

 Message Received: Feb 02 2014, 11:57 PM
 From: "Jim Garland" <4cx250b at miamioh.edu>
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 Subject: [Amps] Vacuum relay needed
 I'm an idiot. The very last step in my two-year amplifier project was to
 connect four silver-plated straps to a Kilovac H-16/S7 vacuum relay.
 Installing one of the straps, my screwdriver slipped and I broke the relay.
 So now I'm looking for a replacement. The relay is glass, DPDT, 12KV rated,
 with 16.5V coil. It is identical to the Jennings RB-3. I've got many SPDT
 relays and can double up two of them if necessary, but I'd have do some
 chassis rework to make them fit, and I'd rather avoid that. So if anyone has
 an unneeded Jennings or Kilovac relay, please let me know. Thanks!
 Jim W8ZR
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