[Amps] SB-200 Plate Choke for 6 meters

Bill Turner dezrat1242 at wildblue.net
Thu Feb 6 20:18:44 EST 2014

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On 2/6/2014 3:39 PM, Dennis W0JX wrote:
> The two critical components are the plate tuning capacitor which needs to be much smaller in minimum capacity and the plate coil.


Actually, you can use the existing tune and load caps if you add the 
L-network coil as described in any recent ARRL handbook in the 
amplifiers chapter. I did that with my SB-1000 and it works perfectly. 
You do have to wind a new coil. I can send pictures if anyone wants. The 
pix will have to be off the reflector because images are not allowed.
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73, Bill W6WRT

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