[Amps] Solid State Relays Again

Jeff Blaine keepwalking188 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 10 12:55:19 EST 2014

I know from personal experience as well that you can zap those SSR in a 
heart beat.  Zapped both the primary side and stepstart SSR in my small amp 
when I had a tube glitch.  Those were new (and expensive) Crydom 50A/480V 
units.  In my case, they both failed in a shorted condition.

Sure the sex and sizzle of the SSR is not in question.  But the risk of 
failing in a shorted condition seems to me a serious problem if they are 
expected to be relied on as part of a protection function.


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Quoting KA4INM <ka4inm at gmail.com>:
> and an instant disconnect if the protection circuit detects too much 
> screen current or a sharp increase in (negative) power supply current
> (an arc) surely make them well worth bothering with.
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>   Ron  KA4INM

If for no other reason.


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