[Amps] Breakdown tester, RM 215 L2

Chris Wilson chris at chriswilson.tv
Sat Feb 15 15:24:40 EST 2014

Hello Denis,

On Saturday, February 15, 2014,  you wrote:

> I bought this years ago, and have recently been using it to check components
> for my new amplifier project.  It's branded 'Avo' but I believe they were
> sold under a number of other brands too.


> Unfortunately, it now seems to have developed a fault, and I don't think
> it's generating any HV at all now, on either AC or DC.  I wound the voltage
> right down, using the front panel control, connected my (1000 V max) test
> meter to the HV probe and earth, and whilst I do get a reading, it rose to
> no more than 250V, with the voltage control subsequently turned to maximum,
> which should be producing 12kV DC.


> Does anyone have a circuit diagram or manual for this that they would be
> prepared to scan for me?  If anyone knows this piece of kit and has any
> ideas as to where I might start working out what's wrong with it, that would
> be useful too.  I don't have anything to measure the HV directly, but I have
> measured the resistance of the secondary winding. There are two taps, 4kV
> and 6kV.  Measuring from 0V (which appears to be above chassis ground), I
> have 43k ohms to the 4kV tap, and 60k ohms to the 6kv tap.  This seems very
> high to me, but perhaps not, given the ultra-low current that this device
> produces?  You will gather, I have no experience of such equipment.


> Suggestions or advice much appreciated.

I am not sure how similar my Megger HV tester is internally.
Externally it is not the same. But by all means have a look at the
factory manual, which has circuit diagrams. I have put it on my
server, just downlaod and have a look, it may help. Good luck


Best regards,
 Chris                            mailto:chris at chriswilson.tv

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