[Amps] Acom 1500 v Alpha 9500 quirks

peter chadwick g8on at fsmail.net
Tue Feb 18 10:25:42 EST 2014

The problem I had with my ACOM 1500 was firstly, a PL259 with a somewhat small centre pin and a SO239 output socket on the amp with a slightly larger socket, plus a power spike out of my FT102 on the first CW dot which overdrove the Acom and the protection circuitry did its job - and not by burning out a resistor!

Having fixed the FT102 all is well except for something in the outside antenna tuner apparently arcing at 300 watts on 160 and tripping the amp - and it's been too cold and wet to try sorting that out just yet...

The Acom 1500 is a nicely built job - I chose it because I have 2 good spare tubes that I was given. Plus it was a good price, pre-owned, but still with warranty.


Peter G3RZP 

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