[Amps] More on server supplies

Conrad Farlow conrad at g0ruz.com
Fri Feb 21 19:53:32 EST 2014

The CISCO WS-CAC-2500W 6500 series switch supply that I acquired 
actually works without modification. Once I got hold of a C19 mains 
cable. Plug it in, switch on and off it goes. However I would like to 
know the pin outs on the back. I can maybe fin a PS KILL signal to turn 
the supply off in the event of a fault in the amplifier? The Sony 
APS-162 PSU also works in the same series of switches although it is 
only 1300W. Maybe someone has some pin out info for this supply?

Unfortunately these supplies are 42 volt as they come but there are 2 
pots accessible with the covers on. They are beautifully made and have 
extensive filtering. I cannot hear anything from the supply even at 20A 
load. This is on 20m to 23cms, so if I can get the voltage up to 48V or 
better still 50V they are worth investigating. Adding power poles to the 
output will be very easy.

Downside, blower shifts a lot of air and does not appear to be 
proportional to temperature. My plan is to load share between two units 
and slow the fan down.

Conrad G0RUZ

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