[Amps] Cool Amp Silver Plating

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  I know cyanide is used in gold plate solution but not aware of it silver plating. 
It seems that silver chloride is the main ingredient.

Bill wa4lav

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I have used cool amp, but switched to SilverSmith.
There are two versions: commercial version which contains cyanide and is
faster/better, and then the consumer version which has no cyanide.
I've not used the non-cyanide version, so can't comment on how well it
I can say that the commercial/business version is excellent; fast, easy to
apply and very effective.

Good luck, amigo,
Dick, K5AND

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Has anyone used this power? If so, what is your opinion/facts of how your
project turned out? Any special precautions needed?
Thanks ahead of time.
73 Hardy N7RT

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