[Amps] High Voltage Transformer(s) wanted

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Ameritron also sells transformers for their 3CX800 amplifiers for decent  
prices. They have buck/boost primary windings that allow quite a range of 
plate  voltages.
Gerald K5GW
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paul at paulbaldock.com writes:

The  manual for the AL811 says the supply is 1500V at .7A, which 
doesn't agree  well with the Ameritron trany spec. If it was 2KV at 
.7A it would be  perfect.

- Paul

At 06:24 PM 1/1/2014, Paul Baldock  wrote:
>According to the American Website that trany is 1500V @ .5A, so  the 
>1500V should give 2KV DC, but I need about .8A for this AM  project.
>You are right, the price is very  good.
>- Paul
>At 05:28 PM 1/1/2014, Carl  wrote:
>>Too bad you cant use 1800V as the one from the AL-811/811H  is the 
>>best deal on the  planet.
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>>>High Voltage Transformer  wanted:
>>>I am looking for a transformer that  when rectified and cap 
>>>filtered will provide about 2KV at .8A  or two transformers where 
>>>one will provide 2KV at .5A and the  second 2KV at  .3A.
>>>-  Paul
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