[Amps] Russian HV Supply Capacitors

Harald la6lha at mimer.no
Thu Jan 9 17:43:12 EST 2014

My AMP Supply LK800 with the external Hi/Lo PAK are happy with the 
capacitors I bought last year from K4POZ:


The price is in my humble opinion very good, and his service was excellent.
You save a lot of money compared to the ones you refer to and even if it 
is more work for you it takes much less space.

73 de LA6LHA/Harald

On 09.01.2014 19:49, radio at modesgate.com wrote:
> To the un-initiated, these look like an elegant solution to my HV
> smoothing capacitor requirement.  Perhaps too elegant a solution.  Am I
> missing something?  If anyone has an opinion, or direct experience of
> using these, commentary would be appreciated.
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/60uF-4kV-6kV-HIGH-VOLTAGE-CAPACITORS-New-Lot-of-2pcs-hv-plasma-laser-tesla-/201017069009?pt=US_Ham_Radio_Amplifiers&hash=item2ecd8d0dd1
> If they are any good, any info on cheaper sources (or any for sale in the
> UK) would also be good.
> 73
> Denis MW0CBC / GW8OQV
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