[Amps] Electrolytic Substitutions

john starr001 jstarr001 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 16 22:47:16 EST 2014

I am repairing an Alpha 87A and need 7 HV filter caps (350uF @ 450v) screw terminal.  The Alpha people spec for a Cornell Dubilier part (CGS series) that costs $40-50 each at various sources.  On the other hand I can buy a different series (381LX) from Cornell Dubilier that has 330uF @ 450v with very similar specs including tolerance, temperature, ripple, DC leakage and ESR .  These would cost me $2 each.  The expensive ones are 5" long screw and the cheapo's are 1 and 3/4" snap-in.  I think I can easily fabricate small screw down double-sided copper thru-hole PCB adapter boards for the snap in's ...  Is there another factor between these two electrolytic series that is not obvious in the Cornell Dubilier spec sheets that should push me to the $300 set versus the $14 set???


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