[Amps] Electrolytic Substitutions

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> K4POZ sells 390uF/450V 105deg on QTH.COM. I've bought many for amps 
> and never had an issue. His are 2.50 each.
> - Paul
> At 07:47 PM 1/16/2014, you wrote:
>>I am repairing an Alpha 87A and need 7 HV filter caps (350uF @ 450v) 
>>screw terminal.  The Alpha people spec for a Cornell Dubilier part 
>>(CGS series) that costs $40-50 each at various sources.  On the 
>>other hand I can buy a different series (381LX) from Cornell 
>>Dubilier that has 330uF @ 450v with very similar specs including 
>>tolerance, temperature, ripple, DC leakage and ESR .  These would 
>>cost me $2 each.  The expensive ones are 5" long screw and the 
>>cheapo's are 1 and 3/4" snap-in.  I think I can easily fabricate 
>>small screw down double-sided copper thru-hole PCB adapter boards 
>>for the snap in's ...  Is there another factor between these two 
>>electrolytic series that is not obvious in the Cornell Dubilier spec 
>>sheets that should push me to the $300 set versus the $14 set???
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