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Fuqua, Bill L wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
Fri Jan 17 13:29:32 EST 2014

  If you want a nice enclosure get an existing amplifier and build what you want in it.
Plasma generators and such often go cheap on ebay after they have been listed several
  I have 4 myself along with two big 5 kw 200 MHz amplifiers once used for MRI machines.
They usually have a vacuum variable or two sockets meters and such which is a good start.
These will at least provide you with professional looking enclosure and some hardware you
will need anyway.
  Something that was interesting on EBAY once was some one stripped down a plasma generator
and all that was left was the sheet metal enclosure. It sold just about as much, maybe more, than
a plasma generator RF deck.
Bill wa4lav
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I have had a long desire to build my own linear HF or VHF amp.  I believe I
have the electronic technical skills but after looking at some completed
projects like those on WD7S website, I realized I don't have the skills or
tools to do a nice job on the mechanical aspects of chassis / sub-chassis
sheetmetal work.  I guess I could cram it all into an unattractive box
behind a reasonable looking front panel but is linear amp building mainly
for those with good metal work capabilities?   How does one break into this
with limited workbench space other than an electronic workbench?

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