[Amps] 811H pops fuses

peter chadwick g8on at fsmail.net
Sat Jan 18 18:00:39 EST 2014

Pull all the tubes and see what happens. Take due precautions to make sure the HV is discharged - I pull the power lead out of the wall, give the HV a minute or so to discharge, then put a resistor of 10 watts and between 1 and 5k between HV and ground  for a few seconds and then put a clip lead HV to ground. Pull tubes, remove clip lead, and power up.

Does it blow fuses then? 

If not, discharge HV as above, insert tubes one at a time, if it doesn't blow fuses, discharge HV as above and change tubes to find the one that caused it - discharging each time.....But probably best to change all the tubes.


Peter G3RZP

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