[Amps] Another eBay Goodie

Manfred Mornhinweg manfred at ludens.cl
Fri Jan 24 14:48:10 EST 2014


> I could waste all day complaining about illegal CB Amps to e-Pay. The
> proliferation of them is amazing. But, if I complain frequently, their
> mechanical response would probably be to ban all Amps.

Likely. The same type of wholesale reaction ham radio dealers in the US 
seem to show. When I tried to order a radio from the US some months ago, 
it proved impossible to find a dealer willing to sell to me. Why? 
Because I'm located in Chile. Probably some crook in Chile cheated one 
of those dealers. The reaction? Ban ALL Chilean hams from buying 
anything. Not fair, of course, and only slightly understandable. So I 
had to buy from China instead. And a Chinese crook was glad to sell me a 
counterfeit Icom. It looks just like the real thing, but inside it's 
totally different, and half of its functions don't work.

Back to e-youknowwhichone: A few weeks ago I tried to contact that e- 
company, not even with a complaint, but just with a suggestion for a 
much needed improvement, that of allowing a longer time span for posting 
feedback. Often international items arrive only after the time for 
posting feedback has run out! The answer to my carefully worded e-mail 
was an automatic message inviting me to call them by phone, to their 
callcenter! Sure, an international phone call from Chile to... 
Singapore, I think it is? To end up waiting for an operator to find time 
to pick up? To help them improve THEIR business? No thanks...

And that's exactly the purpose of such replies. Discouraging people from 
contacting them.

But let's be positive. Those online commerce companies like this one are 
quite useful, despite their shortcomings.


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