[Amps] Tube swap

Karel kebenstr at bmts.com
Tue Jan 28 09:13:30 EST 2014

Thanks for the comment, I should clarify; I have the parts in the insulated 
room in a shed on the farm. The shed is some 200 yards from the road. and 
the shed is surrounded with the few feet of snow, so the access is not 
great. Inside the room I estimate temperature just below freezing point. 
Tubes are in a safe with some 3" walls, so I assume,it should be OK inside.
Karel Ebenstreit, VA3KO

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> Karel,
> Y'all really ought to bring that thing in out of
> the cold and snow ...  ;-)
>> Right now my amp stuff in under 4 feet of snow here in western
>> Ontario. Karel, VA3KO
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