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Baruch Zilbershatz 4z4rb 4z4rb at bezeqint.net
Wed Jul 2 16:29:37 EDT 2014

Hello Sir!
Amps are made for 160-6m
Slight trade off to et the right balance in power/bandwidth so there is
about 10% drop on 6 As for duty cycle If the boards are mounted as needed on
a proper heat sink with a good sized copper heat spreader with 10mm thick
and air is directed on fins as well on top of board to cool the magnetic I
was able to run the amps for a long time Cores are large and many thus an
average rise of core temperature is also controlled As a result I have not
seen core failure or saturation and far away from curie point Also the use
of many cores gives better IMD and far better results than using A single
very large tube or core Also as seen in ON9CVD study on Magnetics I also
tested the 2kw board with 2x blf188XRS  on a full copper heat sink with
clamping the devices and not just using 4-40 screws at the tabs Results are
very good and when ran at 1600w out F2 and F3 were way down and very known
10-11 MHz distortion of LDMOS was down too Hope this clears a bit the
subject Thanks Baruch 4z4rb  

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On 7/2/2014 11:37 AM, Baruch Zilbershatz 4z4rb wrote:
> All my amps are LINEAR
> Class AB
> Seems to be much confusion
> Current readings are Avg
> And not class C
> Bias is set for class ab and is tracking thermally and regulated Thanks
> 73's


Thank you, Baruch. May I ask two questions?  What is the bandwidth of 
your amps?  160-6 meters? And what is the duty cycle? I realize duty 
cycle depends on cooling, but assume very good cooling, what duty cycle 
for full power?

Thank you,

73, Bill W6WRT
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