[Amps] Info on HP power supply

Ron Youvan ka4inm at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 05:11:01 EDT 2014

   On 07/08/2014 03:33 AM, Markku Oksanen wrote:

> I am going to use these same PSU, looked extensively on the WEB to no avail.If you find the documentations, please share!
> I saw plenty of pages where the connections were reverse engineered so the PSU works but no ideas about adjusting voltage which I could use also.

>> Looking for schematic and/or operating manual for the HP 48V 3000W power
>> supply, model 226519-001 (one of the ESP120 series).  I have the pinouts

   Since HP is still in business, for the moment, has anyone approached 
them to buy a copy of the manual?
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