[Amps] Amp Supply LK-500ZBx 3-500z tube & cooling question

Ron Youvan ka4inm at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 03:10:15 EDT 2014

On 07/08/2014 03:26 PM, Carl wrote:

>> My early Amp Supply LK-500ZB model has the letter X at the end, reading
>> LK-500ZBx, The x is also included at the end of the three digit serial
>> number 500x.

>> Does anyone have any idea as to what the "X" suffix in my model number
>> may regard.


   OK, I'll bite, what does that mean?  Does it mean it has a 50/60 Hz 
240 Volt transformer/s (+ fan/blower) instead of a 60 Hz. 120/240 
transformer/s or something else?
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