[Amps] 3CX800A7 Spares - cook them periodically?

bob n612dw at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 23:21:26 EDT 2014

Hi all,


Have some NIB Eimac 3cx800a7's (YC-238) as spares for my Alpha amps.  


Question is, should they be put in some kind of fixture and cooked with
air/filament v applied periodically to keep the boogymen away ?   Is
filament and airflow all that is needed to periodically "condition" them?
Or is this all hogwash? 


If there is any way to preserve them in storage I'm game as they seem to
last forever if properly used - so a long time in storage is probable.


Do these external anode tubes tend to leak any more than other types ?   

How does the "getter" work on these suckers (if any exists)?  Do they need
to get equivalent to red hot like the 3-500z's to have the getter work? 


What has to be applied to keep them healthy ?  

Anyone have a schematic for a burn in fixture? 


Read some contrary opinions leaving me with only question marks in my skull.


-bob, w9zv



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