[Amps] 3CX800A7 Spares - cook them periodically?

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I understand the concept (although not the black magic) of parasitic  
surpressors and chokes; but you raise the issue of damping resistances.  What do 
you mean by that?  Where in a triode circuit would they go?
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> Anyone have a schematic for a  burn in fixture?
If it were to be made, it would be a simple socket with  blower/fan, 
airflow interlock, filament power at a slightly low voltage with  the proper 
current limiting during turn on. More elaborate would be a tester  that applies 
plate voltage, and of course bias on the grid or cathode to  prevent 
excessively high beam current. As this is done, though, the chances of  the tube 
becoming an oscillator goes up, so 'stoppers' like parasitic chokes  and 
damping resistances would be considered. Its just not worth the effort if  you 
have the amplifier that can test them  occasionally.


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