[Amps] Bird Slugs

Steven Katz stevek at jmr.com
Thu Jul 17 16:37:39 EDT 2014

You can certainly test Bird slugs, and they can be calibrated also.

However the slug makes no direct contact with the thruline section, so if the slug detector was open, shorted or defective it wouldn't cause any problems in operation other than the meter won't indicate (or indicate properly).   The only thing that could interfere with actual operation of the line is a bad coaxial connection at one of the thruline section connectors, such as the prongs in the center contact have separated too widely and now the connector isn't making contact.

I suspect if you remove the Bird coupler from the line entirely, you'd still be seeing the same problem.

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Is it possible for bird slugs to go bad?  It's a 2500H and the most power that's ever hit it was 1800w. I have the line coupler installed on my alpha's output and all of a sudden getting big-time reflected power indications on the 91b thus shutting it down. Don't have another to substitute so is there a way to test them?

thanks 73 Dwight NS9I
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