[Amps] Reducing heat in tetrode amps with EBS

Colin Lamb k7fm at teleport.com
Fri Oct 31 20:49:18 EDT 2014

"How much heat/electricity  are you saving as a % of total Amp usage ?"

The savings in dollars may be zero - just like the curly fry light bulbs (in the winter).  Much of my operating is in the winter and my ham shack and house need heat.  So, if I make my amplifier more efficient, my ham shack will be cooler and I will need to kick the floor heater on.  Net saving is thus zero.  

Efficiency is more important if you are operating in the summer or closer to the equater.  

Now if I could just heat the cathodes of the big jugs with firewood, that could represent real savings.

73,  Colin  K7FM

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