[Amps] Clipperton L parasitic suppressor a

Larry lknain at nc.rr.com
Sun Mar 8 13:22:09 EDT 2015

I never had that specific problem with my Clipperton-L but had trouble on 
WARC bands. I switched the plate RFC and the suppressors to the Ameritron 
items and no more problem in that area.

73, Larry  W6NWS

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Subject: [Amps] Clipperton L parasitic suppressor a

I am working on a Clipperton L. It seems to work fine on all bands.

However, on 10m the parasitic suppressor resistors seem to be overheating. 
One or two of the four resistors looked like they've been overheated before, 
thus I was not surprised when I tested it myself on 10m and began to smell 
the familiar odor of burning resistors.

The manual calls for 100 ohm 2 watt resistors.  Can I use metal oxide flame 
proof resistors, or do they need to be carbon composition resistors?

For some reason I seem to recall reading that the mox resistors cause 
issues, but I could be wrong.

I have a bunch of mox 100 ohm 2w resistors in my parts bins, but no carbon 
resistors. Can you still get larger size carbon comp resistors?

If so, does anyone have a recommended Mouser or DigiKey part number, or 
series type, suitable for suppressor usage?

Also, in regards to the 10m heating issue, would it be worth it to go to a 
5w resistor, or double up and use two 200 ohm 2w resistors in parallel?



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